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New company SUV in the Indian market in next 8 to 10 months

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  • Company name: Kanakraj Motors Pvt Ltd.
  • Locality: Dadar
  • Address: Dadar Hindu colony, Dadar East, Mumbai - 14
Description for "New company SUV in the Indian market in next 8 to 10 months"

Dear Sir/Madam

This is Rajesh Ghadi from Mumbai and we that is my self and some of my friends are planning to start an automobile manufacturing company in Maharashtra. We will make bulk production of SUV car, it will take at least 8 to 9 months to bring our product in the market because the things are still at ground stage. We have named our company as Kanakraj Motors Pvt Ltd (the registration of the company is still in process) the reason to tell you this is because we want some review from your end regarding our product. I am attaching with this advertisment the specification and picture of our product.

Kindly let us know your view and willingness to sell our product in your respective market area that is ready to take dealership of our product


Product Description

An Introduction :-

1.The Valiant and Intrepid Modeling of the Entire Vehicle :-
The model is avant-garde and strongly revealing a sense of the times. The body lineation is created without any letup. The front which closely resembles that of a off-road vehicle further strengthens its looks of intrepidity. Owing to the adoptions of the double body colors, the broad central net and the crystal headlights, a nice incorporation of utility and beauty is embodied in every part of the vehicle.
2. Bonnet :-
The muscle line that presents clear angles; adoption of the same stabilization technology as that applied to BMW X5 guarantees the safety, due to the application to the bonnet of a special stabilization treatment technology.
Therefore, the high intensity of the sonnet well ensures to an utmost degree that the sonnet is free from distortion in case of a front collision.
3. Chromeplated Radiator :-
The chromeplated central net is attractive and durable and is uprightly spread. The beauty of outer shape can be contrasted to that of JEEP. Widely-open air intake advances the heat-sinking capability of the engine and prevents the aging of the engine hardware, thus lowering your utilization cost.
4. Integrated Front Combination of Four-light Headlights :-
With a combined-type model, the headlights are fashionable and deluxe. The headlights are special for their unique four-light mode and the use of integral technology. Each headlight bears two bulbs and produces superhigh intensity of illumination that reaches well above 48000 Kantilla and is far higher than the national standard of 18000 Kantilla. As something that makes the vehicle superior to like vehicles of the same class, the brightness of the headlight is twice stronger than that of traditional headlight.
Therefore, the night-vision performance and security are greatly enhanced.
5. Large and Broad Bumper :-
The large and broad bumper well manifests the beauty of manly spirits. The high-grade PP material is characterized by high heat endurance, strong endurance of low temperature and flame resistance and strong resistance to climatic aging. In addition, the material produces a nice effect of energy absorption. The underpart opening can increase the quantity of intake of air and good for heat rejection.
6.Internally-embedded Wide-angle Fog Light :-
Wider illumination angle provides a better view of sight. The reasonable position helps avert dazzling. Even in case of driving in foggy days, it is capable of spotting forward obstacles and hence greatly promotes the driving safety.

Vehicle Profile :-

1. Separated Body Structure :-
The cab is a perfect combination of comfort and loading utility as well as a good soundproof and heat-shielding performance.
The heightened cab roof (50 mm) brings about a more roomy interior space. The increased height (30mm) of the cargo box leads to a cubage of 1036L.
Not only can more spread cargo be loaded, but also worries become unnecessary about falling goods out of the cargo box on rugged roads.
2. Vehicle Frame Developed out of Mitsubishi Technology :-
The carriage is heightened, widened and thickened. The width and height are 10mm greater, and the weight reaches 130 kilos, which is 30 kilos greater than the carriage of other vehicle types. The rigidity is increased by 20%. The non-joint integral main sill greatly promotes security. All innovative technologies undergo finite element analysis to avert the imperilment of stress concentration. The vehicle is devoid of distortion or fracture after a 300-thousand-kilometer road test, a distance equivalent to normal utilization. No braking lateral misalignment caused by distorted carriage has occurred even when heavily-loaded vehicle is tested on the harshest road conditions.
3. The front and rear suspension developed out of Mitsubishi technology :-
Front suspension: fixed suspension of underlying double transverse arms of unequal length. Rea suspension: plate-spring suspension of few-piece variable cross-section with gradually-changed rigidity.
Front suspension employs the double traverse arms suspension, which leads to a more stable vehicle ride and facilitated handling.
4. Rear Axis Developed out of Mitsubishi Technology :-
Used on rear axle first-grade bearings, which run smoothly and reliably due to the use of reliable materials and close proportioning. Even in case of heavy loadings, it is unnecessary to worry about strange sounds or oil seal leakage which will lead to an increased cost of maintenance.
5. Chromeplated Car Door Handle :-
Chromeplated Door Pull presents the quality of a high-grade sedan. The chromeplateed door pull undergoes antisepsis treatment and is highly durable.
6. Broad Rearview Mirror :-
The broad rearview mirror substantially decreases the dead angle of sight. The rearview mirror can be folded, bringing more convenience. The chromeplated crust is in vogue and durable.
7. Stainless Steel Wheel Chromed Fender Arch :-
Stainless steel wheel Chromed Fender Arch is the token of the pursuit of high quality. The stainless steel is antirust, durable and is capable of avoiding scratching damages on the wheel spad paint when two vehicles pass each other, thus greatly enhancing the protection.
8. Excellent Trafficability :-
The 185cm Minimum Ground Clearance enables the vehicle to smoothly pass a variety of road conditions. The super-large length of travel of wheel is able to handle road conditions of various kinds.
9. The Five-stroke Trim :-
Elegant modeling is the embodiment of strength. The two-wheel drive: steel rim (aluminum-alloy rim), FWD: aluminum-alloy rim
10. Jumbo-size Tire :-
The large-size tires brings stable ride. The tires are characterized by forceful braking, unique tire tread, excellent denoise and fine hydraulic conductivity. Specifications: standard type 215 / 75R15 (optional for 235 / 75R15.). No alterations need to be made. The use of the tires of hydraulic conductivity with unique tire threads makes it possible for the vehicle to run on wet and slippery road with very few occurrences of sideslips.
11. Braking System :-
The front-disk and rear-drum brakes produce striking braking effect and quick responses. The completely newly-innovated braking system brings about an optimal suitability of different parts and highly efficient braking effect. In case of emergencies, the braking system can substantially advance the security even when the vehicle is fully loaded.
12. SABS :-
The adoption of modified load-sensing proportioning valve greatly advances the braking performance. The principle: the addition of a sliding valve sheath solves old problem of inconsistency of SABS working pressure. No matter the vehicle is without load or fully loaded, an optimal braking effect can always be obtained, thus greatly enhancing driving security.

Vehicle Rear Part :-

1. Taillight :-
The high-order LED stop lamp increases the luminescent spot for warning vehicles behind and promotes the security. The taillights are graceful, fashionable and finely modeled. The use of high-order LED stop lamp gives the vehicle behind 0.02 second before seeing your braking signal. Provided that the rear vehicle is running at a speed of 80 KPH, the braking distance can be decreased by 4.4 meter.
2. Rear Compartment Central Door Pull :-
The chromeplated materials are elegant and durable. Placed in the center, the door pull is easily handled. You can easily pull open the door to the rear cargo box while putting the other hand on the goods.
3. Abrasion-resistant Glue used in the Cargo box :-
The abrasion-resistant adhesive of cargo box protects the metal parts and prolongs their service life. The PVC material is flame-resistant, so no need to worry about fish tails on the box body created by scratches with cargo or about the rustiness for contacting rainwater. Therefore, the service life of the cargo box is greatly prolonged.
4. Human-oriented Rear Bumper :-
The stainless steel is attractive and durable. The central foot board facilitates entrance and exit of cargo box. The reflector lamp cover enhances safety and makes entrance into the cargo box for fetching goods very convenient. You will have a feeling that the human-oriented facilities of this vehicle have brought great convenience for you.
5. The Silencer Developed out of Mitsubishi Technology :-
The silencer greatly decreases noises coming from the engine and in the meantime, it does not affect the power of the engine. The silencer uses three-layer sound-suppression materials and is rolled and compressed in one go.
The surface of the silencer is slick, making the bottom airflow more smooth and free. The one-time shaped silencer prolongs the service life of the exhaust pipe and decreases the instances of rustiness.

Driver's Seat :-

1. Interior Trim :-
Inside the softened integral dashboard is stuffed a frothing layer, which goes through the same softening processing as Red Flag and Chery and produces nice handling feeling. The dark-grey interior trim is decorated with titanium.
Even after long-time use, the vehicle will still appear to be clean and neat.
2. Multifunctional Combination Instrument :-
The combination instrument is developed out of Isuzu technology and with assured quality. The cold-light dashboard produces soft light and clear vision. The dashboard presents to the driver clear data, relieves visual fatigue in night driving and thus improves driving safety and comfort.
3. Comfort-type Adjustable Steering Wheel :-
The angles can be adjusted to satisfy drivers of different body types. The power-assisted steering facilitates driving, and the telescoped energy-absorbing steering post is a safeguard for security.
4. Sound System :-
A single-disc CD player system installed in the vehicle, and the four loudspeakers in the front and back, produce very nice sound effects.
5. Green Environment-friendly Air-conditioning System :-
Used on the vehicle is a three-power Bell air-conditioning compressor, which produces fine refrigerating effect. Data obtained from the test in baking finish room: under an outdoor temperature of 40 degree Celsius, turn on the air-conditioner and tune it to maximum value, the temperature at the air outlet will drop to 7 degree Celsius within 10 to 12 minutes.
6. Green Radiation-resistant Front Windshield :-
The green radiation-resistant function effectively protects human skin, and the double adhesive treatment makes the driving safer. On the left and right sun shields, prinking mirrors are available, creating great convenience. Harm done to the interior trim by ultraviolet radiation can be greatly decreased, thus delaying the aging of interior trim.
7.Electrically-driven Rearview Mirror :-
The electrical adjustment provides steering convenience. The motor-driven door and window in the front and back fully present the quality of a sedan, and the remote-controlled central door lock greatly facilitates opening and closing.
8. Five-speed Manual Transmission :-
The transmissions are produced by Tang chi and Shan chi factories and have guaranteed quality. You can easily shift to needed gear. The steering is free and smooth. The design of the central manual brake pertains to the sedan type.
9. Multifunctional Central Hand Rest :-
The central hand rest reveals the taste of a sedan. The double-layered storage box provides more convenience. The storage box opens narrow and becomes wide at the bottom, providing a space for different articles.
10. The Adjustable Seat in Conformity to Human Engineering :-
The human engineering design provides great comfortable seating and is adjustable in the front and back to meet the demands of persons of varied body shapes. The curve of the seat is close to the sitting habit of human beings. Fatigue of long-distance driving can be relieved, and thus the quality of comfort is greatly advanced.
11. Three-point Seat Belts :-
The three-point seat belt is a safeguard for your driving and is capable of fixing the driver on the seat and providing maximum safety guarantee in case of emergencies.
12. Refueling Switch :-
Even more convenient is the built-in switch of the oil tank, which enables you to fill in oil without getting off the vehicle in time of a gale weather.
13. Back-row Space :-
The three-person seat is broad and comfortable. The rear air outlet keeps the indoor air fresh. The angle of the back-row doors is increased to 72 degrees to bring more convenience for passengers and for loading goods.

Engine Room :-

The Isuzu-authenticated engine is durable for long-time use with an maximum power of 68kw and a peak torque of 202N•m, The emission reaches Euro II Emission Standard.


Brief Introduction :-

A brief introduction of 6461E: a strict conformity to internationalized design logos, unique outlook and interior designs, avant-garde modeling bearing a strong sense of the age, a car body lineation finished without any letup, the use of Mitsubishi technology, an unconstrained front net, crystal combination headlights of superhigh brightness ratio and a "muscle-line" design on the bonnet and the fender that presents a sense of dynamic and beauty.
High-end trim materials, complete configuration and commodious inner space, increased driving comfort as a result of the 20-centimeter heightening of the ceiling, newly developed dashboard, the integration of dashboard and the control console which produces a nice visual effect, the dark grey trim constituting the dominant hue of the interior, environment-friendly air conditioner assembled with advanced technologies, cold-light instruments, electrically-driven door and window, Central Door Lock, swerving assistance and abrasion-resistant glue applied on cargo box, and the human-oriented configuration that makes you feel satisfied.

Specification : -

Brand - SUV Kanakraj Motors Private Limited

Type on Engine - Diesel

4 X 4

Dimensions & Weights :-

Overall Length - 4840 mm
Overall Width - 1800 mm
Overall Height - 1900 mm
Wheel Base - 2750 mm
Ground Clearance - 205 mm
Front Track - 1430-1500mm
Rear Track - 1426-1496mm
Kerb Weight - 1830 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight - 2530 kg
No of Doors - 5 door
Emission Standard - Euro II

Capacity :-

Seating Capacity - 5 to 7 Person
Fuel Tank Capacity - 60 liter
Fuel Efficiency
Mileage (Overall) - 6.0L/100km

Performance :-

Maximum Speed - 120 Km/Hour
1/4 Mile
100kmph-0 (Braking)
80kmph-0 (Braking)

Engine :-

Engine Type/Model - 4JB1T (Isuzu Techology)
Displacement - 2771cc
Power - 68kw(92PS)/3600r/min
Torque - 202N.m/2200r/min
Valve Mechanism
Stroke - 93.5mm
Compression Ratio - 18.2:1
No of Cylinders - 4 cylinder
Cylinder Configuration - Inline
Valves per Cylender - 2 valve
Fuel Type - Diesel
Fuel System - Supercharged Direct-injection Diesel Engine

Transmission :-

Transmission Type - Manual
Gears/Speeds - 5 Gears
Clutch Type - Hydraulic operation with torsional vibration absorber
Final Reduction Gear Ratio - 4.1

Suspensions :-

Front Suspension - torsionbar-spring independent suspension+absorber
Rear Suspension - asymmetric Leaf spring

Steering :-

Steering Type - Rack & Pinion with Power Assist
Steering Column
Steering Gear Type
Power Assisted - Standard
Minimum Turning Radius - ≤8 meter

Brakes :-

Brake Type - Double-pipeline hydraulic braking with vacuum assistant
Front Brakes - Floating pliers disc brake
Rear Brakes - Drums brake

Wheels & Tyres :-

Wheel Type - Steel
Wheel Size - 15 inch
Tyres - 235/75 R15

Feature :-

Air Conditioner - Yes
Power Windows - Yes
Power Door Locks - Yes
Side Impact Beams
Front Impact Beams
Vehicle Stability Control System
Power Steering - Yes
Power Antenna
Anti-Lock Braking System
Traction Control
Driver Air-Bags
Passenger Air-Bags
Cup Holders
Folding Rear-Seat - Yes
Rear Wash Wiper - Yes
Alloy Wheels - Yes
Tubeless Tyres
Central Locking - Yes
Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid
Steering Adjustment
Child Safety Locks
Front Fog Lights
Rear Defroster
Defogger (Rear)
Leather Seats - Yes
Power Seats
AM/FM Radio - Yes
Cassette Player - Yes
CD Player- Yes


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